Saturday, June 14, 2014

blogger app for all limitless

Hey There Lovelies! This Is Going To Be A Reoccurring Event. We Will Only Be Accepting 20 - 25 Bloggers At A Time!

* Every 3-4 Rounds, I, Myself, And Kara, Will Be Switching Out Bloggers...Now This Doesn't Mean You Can Never Apply Again, Hell, You Might Even Get Picked Again When We Swap Bloggers!

* Each Round Will Be Approximately One And A Half Months Long Before We Switch Themes.

* Each Round Will Switch Back And Forth Between Stalls And Gachas. When Stalls Are In Play, Each Designer Will Be Able To Put At Least One Gacha Down If They So Wish!

* There Will Be 6 Sponsors, You Must Blog At least 3 Sponsors' Items And 2 Non-Sponsor's Items!  (More Is Totally Appreciated)

* Blog Pictures DO NOT Have To Be High Quality, But They Must Be Decent To Where We Can see The Items Clearly!

* Blogger Days Will Be Announced In The Group When We Get The Amount Of Bloggers We Want.

* Blog Must Be At Least 2 Months Old And Have At Least 10 Posts.

* Avatars Must be At Least 6 Months Of Age To Apply.

Login Name:

Display Name:

Avatar Birth Date:

Blog Age:

Blog URL:

Flickr URL:

Are You Syndicated? (Will Not Get You Disqualified):

Can You FullFill Blogging 5 Designers' Items?

Why Do You Want To Blog For "Limitless: Reoccurring"?


Please Fill This App Out, Put Your Name On IT, And Return It To Either Me Or Both Of Us!  vv *Our Login Names* vv

Owner/Organizer ~ KaraKarKar resident
Co-Owner/Blogger Manager ~ immmavampire resident


Limitless is a now reaccuring event group!
every month and a half will be something going on. this time is the Cyber event.
In the Cyber event, we are pulling 30 tops of the top designers from sl into a group and allowing them to showcase what they are mad of. All things in this hunt are related to Cyber works in some way or another!!

• Designer Applications Open - June 14th
• Designer Application Deadline - July 25th
• Designer Payment Deadline - As accepted, no later then July 25th
• Set Up Opens - August 1st
• Set Up Deadline - August 7th
• Blogger Days - tba
• Opening Day - August 8th
• Closing Day - August 29th
• Clean Up - August 30th


Aside from sponsors, you will have 30 prims. Sponsors, you will have 50.
You are allowed one gacha at your booth if you so choose, sponsors may have two

*Please Note - No refund for dropping out
Sponsors: 750
Regular:  500

 Rules & Info
• Must have one exclusive item

• All designers must obey by our strict deadline dates. Anyone not paid by payment deadline will be dropped from the fair and replaced with a designer off our waiting list. Any store not set up by setup deadline will be replaced by a store from our waiting list. No refunds, no exceptions!

• Required to have a group space available for our group for updates and access.

• Stay within your stores prim limits for your assigned booth. Along with keeping all items within your booth.

• Only scripts permitted are landmark givers and vendors.

If you have any further questions or need further explanation in regards to info on this application, please do not hesitate to send a notecard or an IM to karakarkar.

Blogger applications coming soon.
Designer application:

Make a notecard and label it "Cyber- Limitless application"

Please fill this out and return it to karakarkar.

Name: (not display)

Store name:

(only accepting 6)

Do you agree to our rules and know they are final?

are you able to make an exclusive item?

Do you agree to pay upon acceptance?

can you agree to the timeline?

What do you plan to make? just curious

Thank you for filling this out we will get back with you soon!
Limitless Events Crew